A Wild Pokemon Spriter Appeared

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A Wild Pokemon Spriter Appeared

Post by rex »

My name is Rex and I'm a 21-year-old Pokemon sprite artist. I saw this place mentioned on the Yesterweb Discord and decided to check it out since I enjoy forums and I enjoy pixel art.

I've been making scratch and edited Pokemon sprites since I learned what MS Paint was on the family computer in maybe 2010 but my skills took a small dip due to depression and falling out of the practice as a teenager. I've been trying to relearn and I currently have an ongoing worldbuilding website where I'm making fanmade designs and sprites of glitch Pokemon, beta Pokemon, and Pokegods.

ImageImageImage ImageImage

Sometimes I also do regular pixel art and I've been trying to do that a little more. I'm finding I enjoy making pixel art characters and I've been considering getting into the pixel doll scene (though granted I usually prefer to create nonhumans).
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Re: A Wild Pokemon Spriter Appeared

Post by Aisha »

WOW! Your art is epic!!!!! *love*
Welcome Rex!!! I love worldbuilding and pokemon. I'm happy you joined!
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