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*tulip* What are Flowers Image?
Flowers are our points system (forum currency). They can be exchanged for stuff from our shop.

*tulip* How do I earn Flowers Image?
You can currently earn Flowers by posting. You will also be able to earn them from participating in events, contests, and more.

*tulip* What can I buy with Flowers Image?
The shop is not quite ready yet but it will have things such as rank/titles, username change, make/join private groups, Profile Flairs, etc.

*tulip* What are Profile Flairs?
Flairs are 22x22 icons that can be displayed on profiles and next to posts. You can display up to 5 at a time.

*tulip* How do I get Profile Flairs?
Some are automatically given as milestones, others can be earned through events or winning contests, and some will be in the shop.

*tulip* Can I submit a header or theme idea?
Feel free to post in the Feedback forum. We will have contests and polls for new themes in the future. Making themes can be very time-consuming so not everyone's ideas will be able to get made but we'd love to have a variety of themes available to choose from!

*tulip* Can I be a mod?
We're currently looking for more mods. If you have previous experience with moderating or running a forum, then PM one of the Admins.
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